Use Case #2: Upload Multiple Files

Get a working example of the standard screen component for uploading multiple files and relating them to a record. This post is part of the Uploading and Working with Files in Flow mini series.


  • Install/setup flow package
  • Flow: E01_002_UploadMultipleFiles
  • Standard File Upload flow screen component (included in the flow)
  • Case object – need at least one case record in your org

Video Tutorial (1 min)

What’s Happening in the Flow:

  1. This flow is almost identical to the “Upload a Single File” sample flow (above), so let’s just cover what’s different.
  2. “Upload Multiple Files” screen: In this screen, you’ll want to change one property to allow the user to select multiple files and upload them simultaneously:
  3. Allow Multiple Files – for multiple uploads, this gets set to {!$GlobalConstant.True}.
  4. That’s it! Now, when you click the File Upload button, you can select multiple files and upload them in bulk.

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